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The quantity of metal required in cubic metres for a 3.7 m wide road of one km long for one layer of compacted thickness 8 cm is ??


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Dnyan Deshmukh

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I did not understood by metal required in cubic meter for this road.
Metal - called for reinforcement steel or Aggregates.

I consider it as a typing mistake and consider it as a material or concrete required in cubic meters.

so the general volume calculation formula is length x width x height or depth.

here you have length of 1km = 1000 meters

width = 3.7 meter

depth or height = 8 cm = 0.08 meter

we have now converted all measurements to meter

now calculate the quanitity

concrete / material in cum required = 3.7 x 0.08 x 1000
= 296 cum (It matches to option A from your uploaded question picture)

I may be wrong in understanding it, take another person opinion too on it.

Also request you to not to upload such heavy size pictures, compress it to 100 to 300kb before posting, it will help us to get load faster.
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in continuation of the above note on would like to add the following

1. in road it is not only the aggregates .there is ashpalt. quay dust ETC.
2.more over when the volume is calculated u have to add bulkage,wastage et
3.for adding bulkage u should measured the material at site to come to cal calculation. case of if u providing the details I might be n a position to provide clear pcturr
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Quantity of metal (loose) = 1000 m*3.70m*12 cm = 1000*3.70*.12=444 cu m
Volume of loose metal gets reduced 1/3 on compaction.