New concept in construction field - Aluminium Formwork


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New concept in construction field - Factory Construction

The problems traditional formwork brings
The traditional construction methods of using plywood and wooden backrest depend on the technical level and on-site performance of on-site construction personnel. Many problems are dealt with randomly in the construction site. There are many uncontrollable factors on construction quality and efficiency under such extensive mode. These lead to much problem on the construction quality, efficiency and safety, which is difficult to effectively control.
Due to the lack of system integration, the overall efficiency of traditional wall mold, top mold and support system, will not be fully released, even if parts of them take some better products and processes.
With the rapid increase of labor costs, the mode of economic growth supported by a sufficient low-cost labor force, has become low-key. The construction method based on using a low-efficiency and low-cost formwork system has also been hard to sustain. Apart from these, the worker skills will not be improved with their increasing salary. This will bring much unnecessary cost for the project.

New concept - Factory Construction
The key to solving these problems are: the application of high efficiency, modular, high-frequently reusable formwork and support systems, as well as the new construction methods to effectively save on-site labor costs. Those traditional problems occurred in the construction site, will be solved as many as possible at the formwork factory. This is the concept of factory construction. The concept has been widely used and promoted in developed countries, and has performed well in many aspects such as project quality, construction efficiency and cost control. This concept will be the trend of building development in the future.

Aluminum formwork system precisely conforms to the market demand, to solve the problems mentioned above. The system increases the use of highly efficient equipment and construction method, thereby minimizing reliance on labor. It is the very product follows the trend of factory construction.

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