Question One column bar shifting for one inches

Kh Neo

Feb 28, 2020
Hello sir
Plz let me know On foundation one column bar is shifting for 1 inches In future this kind of thing become problem or not.....


Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
Question asked by you is very difficult to answer and should be answered by Structural Engineer only who can specify the tolerable limit of shifting of position of bar.

Practically the bar does get shifted during construction within column core area due to practical issues or human errors. and mostly all civil engineers does not think it as a serious issue until the bar is having cover to it and in core area.

We should make all possible efforts to keep bars in position as per the structural designers instructions and drawing.

An bar shifted from its position is normally adjusted by joggling it a ratio of 1" in 2 feet.