Ordinary Portland cement

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Ordinary Portland Cement
This is widely used for general construction purpose and most of the specifications on concrete construction are oriented to this, very rarely a false set may occur because of insufficient cooling of the cement in cement mills, there by causing the gypsum to loose water. Upon mixing with water, the hymidydrate form of gypsum takes up the water and sets immediately. (When “False set” occurs , mixing carried out once again to regain the workability)

Ordinary Portland Cement shouldn’t be mixed with High alumina cement, rather these two should not come in contact with each other, since “Flash set” may occur, where by the mix sets within a very short time. Though this property is used for emergency repairs, use of high alumina cement is a specialist job and will not be a part of routine application.

Ordinary Portland Cement available in 3 grades
53 Grade OPC - Confirming to IS 12269
43 Grade OPC - Confirming to IS 8112
33 Grade OPC - Confirming to IS 269