Pervious Concrete

Pravin Wakhure

Staff member
Any one have a experience of Pervious concrete with reinforcement and pls mention the grade of concrete used?

Pervious concrete is concrete with high porosity used for concrete flatwork application that allows water from precipitation or other source to pass through thereby reducing the run off and ensuring recharge of ground water . It offers numerous environmental, structural and economic benefits. It is ideal for pavements , alleys , sideways ,parking areas other such applications.
pervious concrete is manufactured by using 10 mm coarse aggregate(for better permeability)
and it gives 15 MPA strength in 28 days

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Its not a good idea to use reinforcement in pervious concrete.

But doing new inventions are better than following something happened in back.

You can use reinforcement in it, provided it is protected by applying zinc chromite or any other anti-rust coating on it which can last for intended life of that structure.

You can use any grade of concrete by designing it to meat your parameter of permeability.