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Dnyan Deshmukh

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If you are talking about gradation limit for plaster sand then, as per IS 1542 grading of sand for internal, external and ceiling plaster is given as below

Sieve Size - Percentage passing

4.75 mm - 95 to 100%

2.36 mm - 95 to 100%

1.18 mm - 90 to 100%

600 micron - 80 to 100%

300 micron - 20 to 65%

150 micron - 0 to 15%

It also state that, for crush stone and gravel sand limits on 150 micron sieve passing is increased to 20%

This is what given in IS Code.

Are you looking for anything more? kindly do state it by replying.
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Dnyan Deshmukh

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IS 1542 also state other requirement for plaster sand as prescribed below.

Average 28 days compressive strength of plaster mortar made in 1:6 using sand of above gradation should not be less than 3 Mpa.

The amount of water for gauging shall be that required to give a flow between 110 to 115 with 25 drops in 15 seconds.

The fineness modulus of sand shall be not less than I.4 in case of crushed stone sands and crushed gravel sands and not less than I.5 in case of naturally occurring sands.