Points and drawings to be taken care by fresher engineer

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1. Types of drawing.
2. Site work (checking & managing).
3. Material management.
4. Estimation and billing.

This post is only on Types of drawing should an engineer look for.

Types of Drawing:-
Architectural Drawings
Structural Drawings
Demarcation plan
Footing& Column Drawing
Working plans
Plinth Beam Drawing
Road level plan
R.C.C Slabs Drawing
Layout plan
Standard R.C.C Work Drawing
Center line plan
G.F.C certified Drawing
Section plan
Elevation plan
Electrical drawing
Detail work or Finishing work plan

Demarcation plan:- This drawing is use to set out proper placement of building or in other words used to plot building on its original location and to give area for excavation at where construction is to be done.
IF say in local language of contractors in India Its used for chapkaam of construction area which will undergo excavation.

Working Plan:- This plan is used with reference to structural drawing for proper work to be carried out for making proper form work (centering work) it gives idea of proper dimension of rooms and all inclusive objects in drawing. This plan also help in doing brick work and it includes dimensions of window, doors, ventilation etc.

Road Level Plan:- This plan is used in infrastructure work for knowing the proper level of road and it helps in construction of road work setting out height of plinth near by the road.

Layout Plan:- This plan is also called site plan it shows the entire layout of the site it mention at what location what things will be constructed.
Center Line Plan:- This plan is very much important for Site engineer as it helps in constriction and plotting proper and accurate location of column, Lift Duct.

Section Plan:- Section plan are used for setting out the height and internal details of the building.

Elevation Plan:- This plan helps in working out the front face of building and it gives detail of how the building will look after Construction.

Detail Work or Finishing Work:- This drawing helps in carrying out the finishing work such as how internally and external things will look like and what types of material to be used in finishing work, detail of product to be used while finalizing building.

Footing Drawing:- The footing drawing is structural drawing it gives schedule of which type of footing is to be constructed, type of bars to be used and of what sizes, what will be the lap length (Ld) if provided.
Footing Drawing is used with reference to center line drawing to a place footing on its proper location so the column comes in the proper location.

Plinth Beam Drawing:- It is the drawing which gives detail of beam which are below or at ground level as per the height of building at ground this drawing is used with reference with Ground floor working drawing .

R.C.C Slabs drawing:- This drawing gives the detail of slab to be reinforced with steel such as what will be the spacing in bars and the thickness of slab and beams and which type if slab it will be one way or two way or cantilever slab.

Standard Drawing:- This drawing shows the detailing of the reinforcement which should be brought in practice with reference to any Structural drawing it gives idea of how the steel should be molded and what shape it should maintain before checking of the structural engineer and before placement of concrete in that desired location.

G.F.C Drawing:- G.F.C means good for construction this is certificate provided by structural engineer to site engineer before the construction of the desired work.