Pre-Commissioning Checklist for Air Handling Unit

Pre-Commissioning Checklist for Air Handling Unit

Checklist should have following points in it.

Pre-commissioning documentation required
Ductwork air leakage certificates
VFD startup test report
Fan start-up check sheets
Certified balancing report for chilled water and air for AHU
Certified balancing report for air distribution system without BMS/VAV in to operation
BMS I/O data schedule
BMS sequence of operation (cause & effect)
Controls pre-commissioning test report
Device calibration test sheets
Smoke damper check sheets

Visual Verifications
AHU Clean and free of debris
CHW & HTG coil fins combed
Pre & bag filters clean
Associated valve tags in place
Insulation complete in all respect.
AHU and all associated labeling completed

Functional Verifications
Verify calibration of all sensors and measuring equipments.
Check Manual and motorized damper positions on shutdown.
Check control valve positions on shutdown
Check AHU control panel operations.
Start system using manual & then BMS /Auto command

Hard Wired Safeties
Check operation , fan shutdown and BMS alarm annunciation
Check supply fan low suction and high pressure switches operation, fan shutdown and BMS alarm annunciation
Check fire alarm system smoke detector operation, fan shutdown and BMS alarm annunciation

Soft Wired Safeties
Check operation of bag and panel filter alarms
Check operation of low temp/minimum outside air control over-ride
Check temperature set point deviation alarm

Temperature Control
Verify shutdown mode of operation
Verify warm up mode of operation
Verify cool down mode of operation
Verify occupied mode of operation
Verify return from warm-up mode of operation
Verify enthalpy override
Verify freeze prevention mode of operation
Verify operation of start time optimization

Testing & balancing
Check motor overload setting, amperage each phase and volts Operate fans at design conditions.
Check volume flow rate and static pressure. Plot on curve
Check operation of minimum outside air control sequence. Measure outside air quantities and verify operation of reset schedule
Check CFM at a random 10% of supply, return and exhaust grilles