Presentation on Formwork, Scaffolding and Shoring

For the different construction activities like
Brick work above 5 ft
Surface finishing works like plastering, painting, walling etc.
Renovation, repair and alteration works.
Roof and slab pouring

Some temporary supports are required like
Formwork (Supporting Structure)
Scaffoldings (arrangement for working plate forms)
Shoring (supporting method for unsafe structure)


Attached Presentation includes following in it.

Qualities of formwork
Types of formwork
Formwork detail for different structural members
Removal of formwork
Maintenance of formwork
Cost of formwork
Advantages of steel form work

Single Scaffolds
Double Scaffolds
Ladder Scaffolds
Cantilever Scaffolds
Suspended Scaffolds
Steel or Tubular Scaffolds

Horizontal shoring or flying shoring
Vertical shoring or dead shoring
Inclined Shoring or flying shoring

Presentation is attached below.


Excellent information from Srinivasan as always!!

If any of the community members work, like I do, on the heavy highway/road/bridge side of the industry, the US-based company Dayton-Superior has some excellent concrete forming handbooks that I refer to quite often. There is a lot of terminology in concrete forming & framing that is unique to the installations - Their manuals provide some great guidance on all sorts of forming & framing configurations, assemblies, accessories, terminology, etc. I've provided a link (below) - Cheers!!
Dayton-Superior Bridge Deck Handbook
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