Regarding Email Activation Link Sent To You


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Dear All,

Our emails sent for activation are generated through php protocol, which do not receive back on server end.

To fight against spam many email provider mark such email as spam.

so if you have not received activation in your mailbox, request you to check the spam folder for it.

Also mark the mail received from us as not spam - this is to ensure the new updates from us will be getting delivered in your inbox.

We use PHP because its a faster way of communication.

Thank You


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how do yo go about security issues which is rampant with Internet sites. How certain an I that my mail can't be accessed to by a robot


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Issue related to mail is fix now, mail goes in inbox.

we still use php to send emails.

some of email domain may mark our mail as spam, so let us know if you receive mail in spam box, we will try to fix it by talking with that mailer.

we do not send robots to dig your inbox, no one can access your mailbox without your permission.