Answered Requirement of list of items to be considered while rate analysis of building construction


Need to calculate the the rate for a flat in a building which will be constructed on a development agreement.
Please help me to analyse and calculate the rate per Sq.Ft. for a flat.
At least tell me which items I must consider to calculate rate per sq. ft.
What are the costs that should be considered while calculating the final rate?

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Item to be considered while calculating rate

Land cost
Rcc, MEP and Architectural plan cost

Quantities to be calculated for
Reinforcement Steel
Formwork (if own else shuttering contractor rate along with formwork)
Brickwork / block work
Internal plaster
External plaster
Internal painting
External Painting
Foor tiling
Wall tiling
Doors frames
Door shutter
Safety Door
Door accessories
Windows frame
Windows panel
Windows accessories
Window Grills
Electric conduits
Electrical wiring
Electric switches and boards
Other electrical accessories like fan hook, cement solvent etc.
Kitchen platform
Concealed plumbing
External plumbing
CP fittings
Sanitary fittings
Drainage system
Rain water pipe
Waterproofing toilets
Waterproofing terrace
Electrical DB box
Electrical Meters
Lifts / elevator
Ground soling
Trimix / pcc in parking
Flooring in parking
Grouts and sealents
Balcony railing
Bulbs / fans / geyser etc if provided.
Fire fighting system if to be installed
Granite / Marble frames or flooring if to be provided.
Fire doors in staircase if to be provided
Finishes in staircase area as per specification
Lobby finishes as per specification

Now come to rate analysis
Depending on specification i.e. - selection of materials to be used.
Finalize first r u going to purchase materials and labour contract will be given or contracts are given with material.

In case labour contract is given
According to quantity including wastage and escalation calculate the cost of material

Offer labour contract, get quotes from many and finalize one base on what you want
A lowest bid
Good contractor who did good work previously in other projects which you can see.

Take this cost into consideration.

After finalizing material + labour cost do next step

Set up at site
Store room
Office room
Staff for handling works
Office equipment
Third party material testing costs and frequencies
Inhouse testing of material
Material testing equipment required etc.

Do plan of how and within what period you gonna complete it, load this cost.

After doing this final step to add following costs
Overheads of your company
Profits of your Company
Other misc cost (you know what it is, envolved in sanctioning and other things)

After this do calculation for all taxes which need to be payed.

Total some of all those cost will make your budget, rate analysis and estimation etc.

Once finalize do track it as per progress, else you will end up in more expenses due to improper planning, reworks and damages etc.

Hope i gave you some basic ideas on it.

(I may had missed some items, as i am writting continously as i get item in my head, if you find it. Kindly add by replying to this thread)