Research Methodology


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Sep 24, 2017
Dear readers
This is a very common mistake done by everyone while doing research/project, that we do not understand what is the difference between Abstract and Synopsis.
So, here I am giving you the four major differences which help you all o understand the difference between two.

1. An abstract is a brief summary of the research article, thesis, review or any in-depth analysis of a particular subject. 1. A synopsis is a brief summary of the major point of a subject or written work, either as prose or table.
2. An abstract is most commonly used in the scientific context. It is typically a formal requirement for publication.2. The synopsis could be exchanged directly for a summary in most contexts. It has a slightly more formal feel and shows up in the literature and the arts a bit more frequently than other contexts.
3. An Abstract normally provides the main focus, purpose, method, results & conclusion. 3. The synopsis summarizes the main points of a text.
4. An Abstract is provided as an introduction to a text, thesis or paper usually just after the title page but before the table of content. It is very short usually just a paragraph.4. The synopsis is usually separate from the full text itself. In some uses, the term synopsis is synonymous with an abstract, but the two have separate aims.

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