Resume Writing Tips fo all Engineers


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Dear all
in my experience I come across so many candidates write their resume in some defined styles .otherwise they approach the resume writers and manufactured their resume. here below I am posting what to do and what should not be included in the resume. I am not a genius to advise how to write your resumes.what I mentioned below is my observation and the notes provided in various books and websites.this note is collection of ideas and thought.write your resume on your own style and according to the situation and the post applied for KEY POINTS IN A CV

"Common Errors in CV"
Keep in mind following things:-
1. First of all, go and make a proper email ID if you don't have one., ,, , These kind of email ids shows your non seriousness and your mental ATTITUDE.. Your Email id should consist of your first name and last name. for e.g. like James ETC etc
2. ensure that you proof read your Document. Make sure it doesn't have any spelling or grammatical errors and mistakes.
do not provide that References heading which says 'References shall be furnished on requests' ETC. It is a hear wastage .
3. Please don't include you Personal information like your residential address and aadhar card no ETC.
4. If you have added 'Objective', in your document, make sure it is not copied from some other resume or website.
5. Save your document in 'PDF' Format and should be named as 'First Name, Last Name.
6. Make sure you have an updated your professional website account and mention its link in your document.
7. Use Regular Fonts in your document Don't use fancy fonts like Comic Sans etc
8. Try to keep your document precise. A one page CV is the best document. Although, up to 2 pages is OK too.
9. You are going to be hired on the basis of your skills, not on the basis of how you look. So avoid adding your photograph in the document. If you still want to add it, make sure its formal.
10. Please don't add any skill that is not relevant to the job you are applying for. And don't add any skill in which you are not good.
11. The CV/Resume should be according to the job requirement.
12. Make sure you read the job description. Try to add the requirements on your document which are mentioned on the job advertisement.
13. Do write a cover letter in the Email.The Cover letter should be written in the email.
14. Don't attach the document of the cover letter in the email. And the Subject of the email should be proper.
15. Please don't appear in the interviews unprepared! It gives a bad impression of not only yours but the institution too. Make sure you are well prepared and serious for the interview.
16. Don't miss any interview without letting them know! the time is precious.
Please attach here a sample
resume writing depend upon every individual qualification and case if you want to check how to write your resume do write a resume using the guidelines.after that you can post the same over here and request for modification
some one in the forum might modify the same for you