Role of Project Manager at Construction Project

Role of Project Manager at Construction Project
Construction project manager is a person who coordinates, plans with the help of supervisory subordinate personnel. His work is concerned with construction as well as the maintenance of many structures and system, and participating in the development of many projects of construction.

  • Monitoring the project in many steps and also estimates the budget time required for the deadlines to meet.
  • Estimate the labor requirement and supply workers to different construction sites.
  • Inspect the total matter for the safety of the project. Take immediate decision during bad weather or any emergencies at the construction site.
  • Explains the project and plans to the administrative staff as well as the workers. Develop and finalize programs for the control of quality.
  • Prepare tenders and negotiate with the client to get the contract. Construct as well as submit the progress report and reports for cost tracing.
  • Obtain all licenses and important permits. Study the job specification for determining the right customer methods.
A construction project manager should understand the written sentences in the documents which are work related. He also needed to be strong in logical reasoning to identify strangers as well as alternative solution weakness. He must have to be highly experienced as well as educated so that he can teach others. Another important thing which is needed to be strong for the project manager is the speaking power. It helps the person to talk to other clients and can make them understand very easily what the real advantages about the project.

  • Oral expression- The ability to communicate in such a way so that others can understand very easily.
  • Sensitive for problems- He has to be the ability to tell when something wrong happens.
  • Ordering of information- The ability to set up things in serial order or pattern as per specific rule.
  • Near vision- He has gained the ability to see the total thing from a close range.
  • Visualization- He has to be the power of imagining how the project will exact after completion.
  • Ideas- He needs to so experienced that he can come up with numbers of ideas about a same topic to gain interest in the client’s mind.
So it can be concluded that for constructing a perfect engineering structure a good construction project manager is required. Many construction companies are hiring fresh civil, mechanical and architecture engineer for their company.