Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager at Construction Project

Roles and Responsibilities of Project Manager at Construction Project

Understanding the top management requirement by attending meeting /updating by telephone.

Ensuring office correspondence/documentation authenticity.

Ensuring the expenditure and its proper utilization.

Ensuring the profitability of company as well as its commitment to clients to be fulfilled At site.

Communicating polices and commitment of top management to subordinates.

Delegating the duties and responsibilities among subordinates.

Having the control on process as well as process approach.

Ensuring effectiveness of Quality management system in organization.

Conducting daily, weakly fortnightly meetings along with subordinates contractor / sub contractor etc.

Ensuring planed results in the organization.

Ensuring discipline in the organization.

Ensuring harmony, safe working condition, risk free working at site.

Ensuring the subordinates and sub contractors desired benefits reaching.

Coordinating with different section like planning, Q C and quality assurance safety etc in achieving planned results.

Ensuring authenticity of bills, measurements, quality etc.

Maintaining the public relation with in-house and public.

With customer

Ensuring the resources management and contacts in this regard.

Ensuring desired hospitality in line with company policy.

Attending the grievance of client / customer.

Ensuring product conformity.

Ensuring customer satisfaction in full respect.

Authorized to appoint for bellow Supervisor category, with concurrence of CE/ GM.

Authorized to negotiate and finalize the contract execute the job finalize bill up to a amount of Rs 5,000/- with concurrence for the specific job by CE / GM in writing.
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