Site Marking details - Survey and setting out for staring construction


Can anybody explain the side marking of the site? And if you have any documents in this regard, please share.
Site Marking
Site marking is one of the starting point of your construction.
In this activity your Engineer and Mistry will identify pillar placements.
Once pillars placement is identified based on soil condition earth work will start.
Engineer will mark the area around the Pillar. Earth workers will dig marked area
Depending on soil condition pillar depth will vary.
The following points are carried out at site during marking:
Checked the layout received from the government department and the land layout as per the drawing or not.
Measured the length from the existing or already constructed building and verified it. Also check the length from the road side or open land stone and confirm it as per the given layout and drawing.
Then located our building exact layout and cross checked the measurement two times.
Then based on the approved drawing, we provided 5feet on each side of the building for open space as per the authorities.
Constructed temporary brick masonry on each outside corner of the layout and marked the center line of the building. This is the final marking and all the measurement is taken from this final mark.
Before marking firstly we need to check the layout is inclined, square or rectangular. Even if it’s inclined, the building wall should make straight and right angle only. But the compound wall can inclined any direction.
After the base mark on each side of the layout we need to do line marking by room measurement with thread. After that we can do the excavation.
  • Required material:
  • 1) Threads — this is used to tie rods.
  • 2) Paint and brush — 100 ML paint to mark walls.
  • 3) Chalk powder — this is used to mark digging area.
  • 4) Steel rods — used to tie threads usually around 2-3 feet long.