Special Types of concrete you can produce at your construction project

Special Types of concrete you can produce at your construction project
When it comes to a concrete, all might thought its just a mixture of cement, sand and aggregates. there is lot in the concrete that we can do, addition in ingredients and material properties gives concrete a different properties which can be used for various application. mostly naming of newly formed concrete is done base on its one of the property.

I am listing below various types of concrete that you can produced and use at your project for different applications as per your requirements.

Special Types of Concrete made with Ordinary Portland Cement;
Architectural concrete
Heavyweight concrete
Recycled concrete
Autoclaved cellular concrete
High-early-strength concrete
Roller-compacted concrete
Centrifugally cast concrete
High-performance concrete
Sawdust concrete
Colloidal concrete
High-strength concrete
Self-compacting concrete
Colored concrete
Insulating concrete
Shielding concrete
Controlled-density fill
Latex-modified concrete
Cyclopean (rubble) concrete
Low-density concrete
Shrinkage-compensating concrete
Dry-packed concrete
Mass concrete
Silica-fume concrete
Epoxy-modified concrete
Moderate-strength lightweight concrete
Exposed-aggregate concrete
Nailable concrete
Stamped concrete
No-slump concrete
Structural lightweight concrete
Fiber concrete
Polymer-modified concrete
Superplasticized concrete
Fill concrete
Pervious (porous) concrete
Flowable fill
Pozzolan concrete
Tremie concrete
Flowing concrete
Precast concrete
Vacuum-treated concrete
Fly-ash concrete
Prepacked concrete
Vermiculite concrete
Gap-graded concrete
Preplaced aggregate concrete
White concrete
Geopolymer concrete
Reactive-powder concrete
Zero-slump concrete

Special Types of Concrete that can even made without using Portland Cement are listed below;
Acrylic concrete
Furan Concrete
Polyster Concrete
Aluminum phosphate concrete
Gypsum Concrete
Polymer Concrete
Asphalt concrete
Latex concrete
Potassium silicate concrete
Calcium aluminate concrete
Magnesium phosphate concrete
Sodium silicate concrete
Epoxy concrete
Methyl methacrylate (MMA) concrete
Sulfur concrete

Hope you like this list and it will surely inspire you to try some types of concrete from it.
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