1. rameshchandrapatel

    Concrete that traps CO₂ and actually makes it stronger

    Concrete is the most abundant man-made material in the world; it is the backbone of modern society. But cement, the critical ingredient that gives concrete its strength, is responsible for up to 7% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. CarbonCure manufactures a bolt-on technology that...
  2. shubhamce2014

    10 Precautions to be taken during placing of Concrete

    10 Precautions to be taken during placing of Concrete Following precautions should be taken during placing of concrete. 1. The formwork or the surface which is to receive the fresh concrete should be properly cleaned, prepared and well watered. 2. It is desirable to deposit concrete as...
  3. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Slump Test for Concrete

    Slump Test for Concrete Ref : IS 1199 Purpose : To find out the workability of fresh concrete Salient features of apparatus: Slump Cone: Top diameter - 100 mm Bottom diameter - 200 mm Height - 300 mm Thickness - 1.6 mm Tamping rod: Diameter - 16 mm Length - 600 mm...
  4. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Compressive strength test for concrete

    Compressive strength test for concrete Ref : IS 516 Purpose : To find out the compressive strength of concrete Salient features of apparatus: Compression testing machine Specimen Test Procedure: Remove the cubes from water after curing period Place the...
  5. archdevil

    concrete - a- descriptive note

  6. Srinivasan

    types of concrete

    hi find enclosed herewith a small note on the types of concrete available and their usage
  7. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Become Concrete Master - Concrete Mix Designing

    Concrete is a material which is a basic for any project. I will be helping you out by sharing my experience with all of you (You too can help me in learning new tech's in this field by sharing your experience through doing post on forum). After reading all posts you will be in position to say...
  8. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Standard Deviation and Its Use in Concrete Mix Designing

    Standard deviation is a measure of the variation of concrete strength of a set of data from its mean. If the strength results are away from the mean, the deviation will be higher and vice a versa. Its a statistical measure for Re-designing the mix base on results achieved. In initial mix...
  9. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Why We do cure concrete by pouring water

    This is a common question, asked by many. We all have seen, Almost everyone working at project site, do insist to keep on curing by pouring water, wrapping concrete surface with hessian cloths etc. Do the poured water really increase the strength of concrete? What if, i dont cure concrete...
  10. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Gradation of Aggregates and its importance in Mix Designing

    Concrete mix designing is a vital part of any construction activity. Why we do mix design when proportions for material are listed in IS codes for various grades? The listed mixes have more cement content than required and have fix properties like workability, retention time etc. In order to...
  11. Srinivasan


    Concrete shall be transported and placed by approved methods that ensure segregation or loss of material will not occur. Concrete drop during vertical placement shall not exceed 2.5m. For heights greater than 2.5m, the Contractor shall pour concrete through enclose chutes or access hatches...
  12. Dnyan Deshmukh

    What no one will tell you about rebound hammer test

    Rebound hammer test specifications are given in IS 13311 part 2 1992. Every one know about it and knows how to do rebound hammer test, many had gone through the IS codes, posts on blogs and some interview questions. One of my friend ask me, how i should do the rebound hammer test, as per IS...
  13. Srinivasan


    Properties of concrete are influenced by many factors mainly due to mix proportion of cement, sand, aggregates and water. Ratio of these materials control the various concrete properties which are discussed below. Properties of Concrete are: Grades (M20, M25, M30 ,M35<m40 etc.) Compressive...
  14. Dnyan Deshmukh

    Self Repairing Concrete - No Maintenance

    Hello to All, I came across the new inventions which are going on in construction Industry. Creating a concrete which repairs itself. Concrete is porous material (porosity depends on mix design), so if not protected will start degrading over period of time. To protect the concrete we...