I am a Quality Engineer, having 12 years of Experience in reputed organizations like L&T, Simplex Infrastructure Limited, etc.
I am here to share all of my experience with all construction engineers or students.

To do this I created a website Home | Construction Test, where anyone can learn test procedure of construction material like Cement, Concrete, Soil, Bitumen and road project or flyover project-related tests like Earthwork, Subgrade, GSB, WBM, WMM, DBM, BC, SDBC, Grouting, etc.

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Hello Arjun,

Good to see the spirit of sharing knowledge with the all on what we learnt so far by gathering the various experiences in a field of Civil Engineering.

Your website is also a good and wish you best of luck in all your dreams.

Hope you will help the many engineers at here, who are looking for answers to there questions which are mostly a practical questions whose answers can not be found in books written so far as the industry is advancing and there is change in everything we knows about it.

Welcome to Civil4M.
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