Slump Test for Concrete

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Slump Test for Concrete

Ref : IS 1199

Purpose : To find out the workability of fresh concrete

Salient features of apparatus:

Slump Cone:

Top diameter - 100 mm

Bottom diameter - 200 mm

Height - 300 mm

Thickness - 1.6 mm

Tamping rod:

Diameter - 16 mm

Length - 600 mm

Shape - rounded at one end

Test Procedure:

Fill the Slump Cone in four layers

Tamp each layer 25 times with the rounded end of the tamping rod

The tamping should be uniformly distributed and for the second and subsequent layers, tamping rod shall penetrate in to the under lying layers

Strike off the top level of concrete by trowel and tamping rod

Remove the Slump Cone in vertical direction

Measure the difference in level between the height of Slump Cone and that of the highest point of the subsided concrete

The difference in height in mm is recorded as the slump of concrete


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