Answered To arrest cracks near column to brick work and beam to brick work

Nov 27, 2017
First of all in column case before plastering you should lay chicken mess to column to side wall after you should plastering we avoid cracks. In second Beam you place Tar felt sheet in beam to wall joints we should avoid crack.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
You can install, Fiber / MS / Chicken mesh at Column to Brickwork and Brickwork to Beam Joints.

To avoid the cracking above opening, you need to cast lintel correctly and cured well to ensure it achieves the desired strength.

tausif khan

Sep 12, 2019
To arrest cracks around brick and RCC joint mainly at junction of vertical face mean column and horizontal face below beam,Following is the right course of action.
1)For internal wall which is not exposed to external environment.
one can use chicken mess at junction of beam and column or simply lock the junction point by using rich mortar with metal half inside and half exposed for both Vertical as well horizontal direction.

2)For dead wall or External wall.
Do the grouting all around the wall at 750mm c/c at vertical face and 500mm c/c at horizontal face by fixing grouting conduit in brick wall.Material for grouting can be use as normal cement or one can use polymer also ,its depend on budget.