Question Tool or technique to do remote monitoring of the construction sites

Oct 6, 2019
Dar es Salaam
Is there any good and reliable tools or may be software to help the engineers or construction managers to remotely monitor the constructions at different sites? This has now become very necessary as we could not physically travel to the sites due to COVID restrictions.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
You can make use of drone to go to any corner of your project provided no one hits it and make it down.

Today's Modernisation enabled smartphones with everyone, almost all labours working at construction site do have smartphones with them. You can make few volunteers or you may directly make video calls to contractors supervisor to get updates on ongoing works.

You can do all necessary checks live on video calls by instructing them in proper way.

Remember when the technology enters into field, it makes many as jobless due to their skills are no more required or resource requirement get reduced drastically.

AutoCad kicked draftsman out, now a days we see Architect and Some Civil Engineers doing drafting, there is actually no need of draftsman because in the time which required to explain him about idea, Architect or Engineer could do that on their own in less time.

Invention of drone kicks on helicopter and crew required for Ariel recording of audio visuals, and it reduces a cost drastically, Today any noob with a drone and HD cam installed on it can do all beautiful task of recording on his finger tips without actually flying around.

So when we think of Technology, we also need to think on our changed role when its adopted else over time we will be felt like draftsman and someone will think that instead of explaining him, let me get that done.