Answered What am i do after

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
It fully depends on you i.e. - what you like to become.

Civil Engineering is huge field and have different sections in it, people will always suggest others about field in which they are working (Because, everyone feels that, the field in which they works is best in all. Same way people suggest other that, company in which i work is best - provided person is doing some work in that company, a people who dont work always blame the company is bad.)

You can either proceed to higher studies or make your career in the field which you like.
If you start early you have a choice to change field, if you late and select wrong subject for further studying, you may never like the work you do.

Pawan Dhagate

Staff member
Ask the person who guided you to complete course . Or else No one is guiding than BE BRAVE to take your own decisions .

All the best Engineer !!!