Answered What are the points to be checked when visit at Flyash Brick manufacture Plant?

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
When visiting the brick manufacturing plant, following points can be added to your checklist;

1. Capacity of the brick manufacturing unit and max days production done in practical condition.
2. Arrangements for doing curing of manufactured bricks.
3. Area for stacking of bricks after curing - capacity of the manufacturer to supply the bricks.
4. Quality management system implemented at his plant for assurance of Quality Flyash bricks.
5. Testing facility at plant area.
6. Kinds of mixes used at plant for manufacturing and design strength for each mixes.
7. what is the grace period required after ordering?
8. Manufacturer test certificate Format (MTC) if they have any?
9. Completed process of brick manufacturing (flow chart) from order to delivery with time line.