What career prospects exist for newly graduated civil engineers?

Hello guys,

I'm a college student who wants to pursue a career in civil engineering, but I'm not really sure which field to pick.

Please advise me on the field I should choose.

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Hello Garry,

When it is difficult to choose a career option, it is better to work in the fields in which you have confusion and after gaining a experience you can decide on which stream to be take as a career or to become expert in it.

For fresh Graduate, i will recommend to join the on field execution work and learn more about how the construction is done.
This gives you a clear picture about everything and then you can decide on best career options.

Execution is the core of all construction business, unless you have knowledge about how things are executed and practical difficulties faced by execution team, you may not succeed in the chosen stream by you due to lack of practicality in whatever you were doing.