What is mean by 10/7 transit mixer

Dnyan Deshmukh

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It is the rated capacity of transit mixer drum specified by manufacturer.

It have two types of capacity dry volume and wet volume.

so 10 cum is dry volume or volume of drum, which can carry wet volume of concrete to 7 cum.

in simple word 10 cum size drum can carry 7 cum of concrete.
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  1. 10/7 Mixer is generally referred to Spot Drum Type Mixers and not Transit Mixers.
  2. 10/7 means the Input dry volume = 10 cu ft. and Output wet volume = 7 cu. ft.
  3. This is an old terminology which is still in vogue.
  4. In modern terminology, as per IS 1791 the same is known as NT (or T or R) 200.
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