Which dia of needle used for compaction of different types of structure

Prabhupada Sahoo I might be able to help answer your question but I'd need you to better-define what you mean by "needle," I am unfamiliar with that term. And you mention "compaction" for different types of structural elements: Are you talking about checking the compaction of the material that these elements are resting on, like soil or aggregate?


Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
You should always use a maximum diameter needles to achieve a compaction over larger areas for single point insertion.

The size of the needle is dependent of the clear space available for insertion, say if i have congested reinforcement bars i can not insert 80 mm size needle in column during concreting when the clear space is say 80 or 60 mm.

Higher size needles increases the compaction efforts thus the productivity is improved.

Small size does has smaller area in radius of its insertion point into concrete to make compaction efforts, so it need to be inserted at more close interval to achieve right amount of compaction.