Work Checklist - Block Masonry Work

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It is important to check the block masonry work done correctly to ensure no extra plaster thickness on walls and avoid cracks on wall surface during hand over stage.
This checklist will help you to ensure checking of all points related to Block Masonry Work.
Checklist of Block Masonry Work consist of following checkpoints in it;
  • Approved architectural drawings are available on site
  • RCC slab surface is cleaned properly
  • Line out checked as per drawing. (first layer)
  • Fish wire pulled through conduits and beam bottom cleared
  • RCC column/wall surface roughened /mortar dash applied
  • Mortar mixing proportion as specified ( )
  • M.S. trays used for mortar mixing .
  • Mortar used within 45 minutes after mixing .
  • Independent scaffolding system done for masonry
  • Provision for door openings/ window openings /architectural features if any checked
  • RCC band provided for 100mm block masonry at 1.5m level.
  • Staggering of joints ensured
  • Proper bond/ anchorage with cross wall checked
  • Masonry joints not more than 10mm
  • Racking of joints done
  • Rich mortar/metal packing provided for RCC /masonry joint.
  • Construction date marked on wall
  • Curing of masonry ensured for at least 7 days
Checklist for Block masonry is attached herewith.

Checklist is a important record it helps us in order to get work done correctly and it ensure we do not miss any point to check which is important from aspect of Quality of work.
Checklist attached herewith is just a sample provided for your reference, work carried out as per this procedure may have different sets of standards, material specifications, standard operating procedures and terms and conditions for doing that work. This all parameter or some parameter may not match with one you are executing at your Project.
Kindly use it as reference document only to create Checklist. You are free to modify edit, delete add any content in it and use it as per your requirement.


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