Work Checklist - Dado Tiling work

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Sep 7, 2017
Dado Tiling work
In general dado work is being carried out at Toilets, Kitchen Platform, dry balconies and areas where water contact comes.
This checklist help you to do correct dado tiling work and ensure no defects in it. It is important to have good dado work, else wall face behind dado shows damp patches.

Checklist of Dado Tiling work consist of following checkpoints in it;

Procedures to be followed before dado tiling
  • Latest Architectural Drawings available on site
  • Internal concealed plumbing and drainage points complete and checked as per approved drawing.
  • All electrical concealed pipes and boards in line ,level and checked in all respects.
  • Water proofing work completed with proper curing
  • Surface cleaning for efflorescence/ green algae and waste material etc. complete
  • Sufficient curing done one day in advance
  • Level pads /bull marks made and checked for plumb ,right angle
  • Dado tile marking done as per consultants drawings (tiling starting point marked)
  • Sorting of tiles done for shade variation (if any)

Procedures to be followed during dado tiling
  • Preparation of cement paste / tile adhesive done as per specification and standard procedure
  • Tiles (ceramic/glazed)soaked in water before fixing
  • Tile fixing carried on from bottom second layer (full tile)to top layer (dado)
  • Tiles cut with the help of cutting machine only
  • All edges, corners, jambs, offsets in line level ,plumb and right angle.
  • Joints/grooves ,of the tile are in line and having equal width.
  • Tamping of tiles done to avoid voids air pockets

Procedures to be followed after dado tiling
  • Tile joints finished using approved colour pigments /cement/grouts and cured as specified
  • Gaps/ air pockets found below tile are rectified if any
  • Cleaning done for plumbing and electrical cutouts
  • Protection of tile as specified

checklist for dado tiling work is attached herewith.

Checklist is a important record it helps us in order to get work done correctly and it ensure we do not miss any point to check which is important from aspect of Quality of work.
Checklist attached herewith is just a sample provided for your reference, work carried out as per this procedure may have different sets of standards, material specifications, standard operating procedures and terms and conditions for doing that work. This all parameter or some parameter may not match with one you are executing at your Project.
Kindly use it as reference document only to create Checklist. You are free to modify edit, delete add any content in it and use it as per your requirement.


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