Work Checklist - External Plumbing Works

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External Plumbing Works
External Plumbing is important work and plays vital role in success of any project, ensure you do correct work as per the checklist created by you.
Checklist of External Plumbing Works consist of following checkpoints in it;

Procedures to be followed before external plumbing
  • Latest Architectural Drawings available on site
  • Marking of pipelines on outer walls done
  • G I pipe sleeves provided in RCC walls of UGWT and OHWT
  • Positions of outlet pipes marked and holes drilled as specified
  • CPVC pipes are visually inspected for cracks

Procedures to be followed during external plumbing
  • Cutting of G I pipes and threading as specified (if any)
  • Entry of pipes through walls should be at right angles
  • Assembly and fixing of G I pipes in position as specified (if any)
  • Anticorrosive treatment to G I pipes as specified (if any)
  • CPVC pipes are cut and installed as specified
  • Sufficient gap kept between wall surface and pipes provided
  • Joinery done as specified (if required) G I to CPVC
  • Clamps for CPVC pipelines as specified
  • Expansion loop provided for CPVC pipelines (if specified)
  • Pressure reducing valves / mechanism provided
  • Checks on UGWT / OHWT carried out as specified
  • Vent pipes and clean out provision for OHWT provided

Procedures to be followed after external plumbing
  • Masonry chases/ holes rendered with non-shrink grout
  • Gravity Pressure Testing carried out as specified
  • Leakages, if any, are corrected after Pressure Test as specified

Sample checklist for external plumbing work is attached herewith.

Checklist is a important record it helps us in order to get work done correctly and it ensure we do not miss any point to check which is important from aspect of Quality of work.
Checklist attached herewith is just a sample provided for your reference, work carried out as per this procedure may have different sets of standards, material specifications, standard operating procedures and terms and conditions for doing that work. This all parameter or some parameter may not match with one you are executing at your Project.
Kindly use it as reference document only to create Checklist. You are free to modify edit, delete add any content in it and use it as per your requirement.


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