Work Checklist - Internal Plumbing Work

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Internal Plumbing Work
Checklist for internal plumbing work is attached in this post.

Checklist consist following checkpoints in it;

Procedures to be followed before internal CPVC plumbing - Pre
  • Manufacturer's test certificate / Installation Guide available(CPVC)
  • Architectural / plumbing drawings available on site
  • Proper lighting arrangement ensured in dark areas
  • Toilet walls are marked with tile fixing positions
  • Toilet floor is marked with positions of EWC,Bath tub and other WC fitting
  • Tile thiyyas are taken as specified to decide finished tile plane
  • Positions of flush tanks/Boiler marked on walls
  • Drainage outlet holes marked on walls
  • All trap positions marked
  • Chasing of masonry done as specified (cutter machine used)
Procedures to be followed during internal CPVC plumbing - During
  • CPVC pipes visually inspected for cracks
  • CPVC pipes are cut and installed as specified (round wheel cutter used)
  • Solvent cement used for jointing CPVC pipes as specified (check for expiry date)
  • Pipe inserted in fitting by rotating 1/4 to1/2 turn for even distribution of solvent cement.
  • Plastic clamps from the same manufacturer used at approx.900mmc/c (avoid metal clamps)
Procedures to be followed during internal CPVC plumbing - Post
  • Pressure Testing carried out as specified (8-10 kg/ or 1 1/2 times the design pressure)
  • Leakages, if any, are corrected after Pressure Test
  • Filling (rendering )of chases done using non-shrink grout and cured for 4 days.

Checklist is a important record it helps us in order to get work done correctly and it ensure we do not miss any point to check which is important from aspect of Quality of work.
Checklist attached herewith is just a sample provided for your reference, work carried out as per this procedure may have different sets of standards, material specifications, standard operating procedures and terms and conditions for doing that work. This all parameter or some parameter may not match with one you are executing at your Project.
Kindly use it as reference document only to create Checklist. You are free to modify edit, delete add any content in it and use it as per your requirement.