Work procedure for Granite stone flooring

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Work procedure for Granite stone flooring

The sample of granite slabs shall be of 20 mm thick and free from cracks, fissures & flakes with straight edges & perfect corners at right angles finished (honed finish/sand blaster finish) shall be supplied as per the approved specification and drawings and got it approved before starting the work. Physical requirements, quality, dimensions, tolerances etc. of granite stone shall conform to the Indian Standards/specification. The granite slabs shall be regular in shape and size with sharp edges and corners.

For cement mortar, cement shall be fresh Portland cement of standard quality. Sand shall be medium sand, clean, sharp and free from clay, mica or organic matter.
Water used shall be clean and reasonably free from oils, acids, alkalis, salts and vegetable growth. Generally potable water shall be used

The granite stone work to be done with the specified mortar of cement and sand, mixing the ingredients in the specified proportion. In the case of cement mortar the unit of measurement for a bag of cement shall take as 0.036 cu m. Sand in specified proportion shall be measured in boxes of suitable size 30 cm x 30 cm x 40 cm. Sand shall be measured on the basis of its dry volume. In case of damp sand, its quantity shall be increased suitably to allow for bulkage. Materials of mortar shall be first mixed dry till of uniform colour on a solid clean watertight platform and then mixed wet by adding water gradually and evenly to have a workable consistency of a stiff paste. Only the quantity of cement mortar, which can be used within 30 minutes to be prepared at a time.

Laying Procedure
  1. The approved quality granite stone to be selected and cut/sawn to the required size by machine and polished/finished to the required finish as specified in the drawing and specification.
  2. The floor pattern for fixing the granite slab to be marked before starting the laying work and got it approved.
  3. The bed for laying granite slab to be cleaned and free of loose mortar/dirt and kept wet before laying the flooring work.
  4. The cement mortar bed 1:4 of 30mm thick to be spread evenly to the required consistency to receive the stone slab.
  5. The stone slab rear surface to be wet and applied with a creamy layer of cement paste before laying on its bed.
  6. The stone slab to be laid to the required line and level and gently tapped with a wooden mallet so that no hollows or air spaces are left beneath it.
  7. The joints shall run in straight lines and in uniform width not more than 2mm or as specified in the approved drawing/specification.
  8. The joints to be grouted with white cement /colour pigments to match the stone colour as specified in the drawing/specification.
  9. After grouting the joints, it has to be cured for a minimum of 3 days.
  10. The top surface to be machine polished/ finished as specified in the drawing/specification.
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