Work Procedure for installation of Dado Tiles

Work Procedure for installation of Dado Tiles
Wall tiling works for protection and decoration purpose will be carry out after building structure is finished.

Prior to carrying out the wall tiling, the work of concealed plumbing should be finished, including all details having indication for installing in the wall such as: water, electricity, telephone, television, gas, air conditioning, computer cable and other works related to precaution and prevention of shaking which can effect the quality of wall tiling layer.Surface for wall tiling must be vertical direction. The works of roofing and water-proofing for the structure covering above the surface for wall tiling must be finished as well as installing doors and windows.

Checking the surface’s flat before carrying out flat wall tiling. If the surface for wall tiling have the unevenness over 15 mm it will need to be plastered again by cement and sand mortar which generally called as rough coat plaster.The unevenness of the surface when wall tiling by glue must be less than 3 mm. The Contractor only carry out wall tiling work on the surface which has already been applied a layer of primer mortar of 75% of mortar mark of design. The mortar for primer layer must be well connected with the surface. When using sand and cement mortar for wall tiling work, it only should be used for the tiles which have weight ≤ 20 kg/sqm.

Before wall tiling for the surfaces which have the technical pipe running in as ventilation, chimney and the places where the temperature change constantly, they will be covered with wire mesh of 1 mm. The mesh must cover the area of the pipe at least 15 cm.

If there is no specific instruction of designing, before carrying out wall tiling the Contractor should count and determine the locations of the tile for wall tiling so that the quantity to be cut will be smallest. With the material has patterns, the aesthetic will be focused.

When carrying out wall tiling the outside of the structure, methods for precautions of the influence of weather and climate to the color and pattern of material. When using natural stone more than 5 kg for wall tiling, the hooks and overhang system will be used to stabilize the locations of materials on the surface. In this case, the water-proofing also must be taken on account.

When using Cement and sand Mortar for wall tiling, the quality of mortar should be focused. The mortar which has been mixed should be used in an hour. The adhesive used for wall tiling must be suitable with surface and wall tiling material as the instruction of the manufacturer.
When using tiles having the large size or weight such as natural stone sheet, wooden sheet, ceramics or porcelain and metal material which must use the method of hanging wall tiling with the support of hooks, system of metal stand.
The system of overhang used for wall tiling must be designed to be firm and strong enough in order to well support for locating the material on the surface.
When wall tiling the outside of the construction, all of the equipment such as hook, bench standard must have the treatment to prevent the influence of the environment.

The wall tiling line should be straight and clear. The flat of the wall tiling line in the case of flat wall tiling will not exceed the followings requirements:
1 mm when the width of wall tiling line
2 mm when the width of wall tiling line ≥ 6 mm