Work Procedure for Tremix Flooring Work

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Work Procedure for Tremix Flooring Work
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1. Objective:

This work procedure narrates the guidelines to be adopted for Tremix (vacuum dewatered concrete flooring average 75 mm thick) for Podium and Basement under Civil4M Office Project

2. Applicability:

This procedure is applicable to all Tremix flooring works in areas as shown on drawing.

3. Reference Document:

Standard Specifications.

4. Responsibility:

The Project Manager shall be responsible for the overall implementation of this procedure.

5. Safety Precautions:

Only authorized persons should handle the activities.

Use of PPE’s like goggles, hand gloves, helmet and gumboots.

6. Material’s, Equipment’s and Tools used:

M-25 grade concrete, steel tape, alignment thread, water-level or level instrument, M.S. side track rails 50 mm thickness, leveling beam, wire brush, concrete float, surface vibrator, mechanical trowel, vacuum mats and vacuum pump.

7. Procedure:

Surface where concrete is to be laid shall be hacked, thoroughly cleaned made free from dust, grease, loose material and wetted to have just moist surface.

Roughly 80 to 100 Sq-m area shall be covered during one extend.

Two side track rails on which leveling beam and surface vibrator will be mounted shall be fixed approx. 4.0 m apart to desired levels. M.S. rails shall also be fixed at start and end where required.

Placing of M-25 grade of concrete shall then be done manually spreading it in horizontal layers.

On completion of 5 to 6 Sq-m area, surface vibrator shall be run over the surface to get required compaction.

This process is continued and surface vibrator be run second time along with leveling beam to finished of concrete in desired level.

Vacuum mats 4 m x 4 m shall be place on this leveled concrete to squeeze out and remove excess of water from the concrete using vacuum pump.

A time of 1.50 to 2.0 minutes per cm thick. of concrete slab is normally required for this operation. (ie.15 min).

Thereafter floating operation should be started with power operated skin floaters and floating shall be continued till desired finish is obtained.

After surface hardens curing shall be started by ponding and Shall be continued for minimum 7 days.

Joints in concrete shall be cut at construction joints given as per drawing and shall be made by sawing the already laid and finally cured concrete to obtain 4 mm width groove and 40mm deep.

These joints shall be cleaned and filled with bitumen grade (80-20) mixed with dry sand.

Expansion joint shall be spaced as per drawings and shall be formed by placing the compressible material board 25 mm thick. Joint at top 15 mm shall be filled with bitumen grade (80-20) mixed with dry river sand.

8. Inspection Records:

Check Lists

This SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) / Work Procedure is attached herewith.



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