How to Check incoming material after receiving at Site.

Mainly most of the project with heavy clients run with it’s progress so it is noted that without any hampered project will be run with its progress so plan accordingly after starting the project.
In many project there are a lot of materials to be Checked and verified by third party testing or materials testing certificate so you should have a good knowledge about the materials testing procedure and making IMIR (Incoming Materials Inspection Report) .
Whenever materials reaches at site it is to be verified by manually & check MTC in presence of Clients, after checking manually sampling for third party testing to be done and send the sample to thrid party testing Laboratory. After getting it’s original Test report from 3rd party lab it is to be submitted with IMIR and Close it.


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Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
Well Said, apart from the above one should be aware about the Inspection and Testing Plan (ITP) of the company in which types of test to be done, their frequency and testing locations such as in-house or third party or both is mentioned.
One need to perform all required test on the materials as per the ITP.