How to check the workability of concrete?

Dnyan Deshmukh

Staff member
How to check the workability of concrete?

Workability of concrete by Slump Cone Test -

Clean the internal surface of the slump cone

Place it on a level surface

Fill the sample in 4 equal layers

Tamp each layer with 25 strokes by tamping rod

Strokes of above layer should penetrate in to the bottom layer

After completing the top layer, Level the top with trowel or tamping rod

Lift the mould slowly in vertical direction

Measure the level difference between mould height and highest point of the concrete and note down the slump in mm

Slump requirements

For manual pour - 30 – 120mm

For pumping concrete - 120 – 200mm

To find cohesiveness of concrete

Tamp the rod gently in sides of base plate

If concrete slump decreases further gradually, it is good cohesive concrete

Test should be completed within 2 minutes