Answered Is there any specification of Length of TMT rebars?

Mar 7, 2019
Somebody say Length of TMT rebars is 40 Feet.Someone say Length of TMT rebars is 12 Metre only not 40 Feet.Length of TMT rebars range is mentioed in any Indian specification or International Standard?Please explain.



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Apr 17, 2018
I don't find any reason why the length of TMT bars should be mentioned in IS codes, its the prerogative of the manufacturer and the ease of transportation and handling.

Earlier bars used to be bent and sent via smaller trucks, however since the introduction of trailers manufacturers find it convenient to transport 12-meter lengths, due to the length of the trailers, that's it and no other reason.

Secondly it becomes easy for workers to handle it and also for the mathadis who have to unload the bars from the trailers.
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Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
Thank you very much.40 Feet=12.19 M is mentioned in any standard?
It is not mentioned in a standard which i refer for rebars i.e. - IS 1786

It is not mentioned because it is not a important parameter like diameter of steel, rinds area on it, weight per meter etc.

It is the parameter like made as per ease, take examples of flat
you may find the various floor to floor heights at various builders and it has other impacts accordingly.

You may specify the length in you purchase order to manufacturer and manufacturer can supply you steel in that length and within parameter specified for it in IS code.

Provided manufacturer has that size / length mould with him, if does not have and not feasible for him your steel rates will increase.

there are lot of things which i cant explain line by line but if we demand something which is not evolved over time with available resources, you need to pay high amount to get that.

if there is no issue in getting length of 12 meters or 12.15 or 12.19 meter, no one really cares about it, what people actually do care for is - its weight per meter, if it goes wrong you looses a lot.

I had never seen a unique size in steel reinforcement bars whenever i measured, but mostly seen the length in between what i written above.
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Sep 21, 2017
Even if any one manufacture more than 40' you cannot transport the same as the maximum length of trailer is only 40"
When you have such a simple why everyone breaks their head which code says what etc.
This is bemusing me