Presentation on ISO 9000 for Construction Company

Presentation on ISO 9000 for Construction Company

The presentation on ISO 9000 is attached here in 2 parts, 1st part is related to understanding ISO 9000 and its benifits.
Part 1 includes following topics in it
Objectives of ISO 9000
Evolution of ISO 9000 Series
ISO Certificates in the world
What is ISO 9000
ISO 9000 registration, what is required.
ISO 9000 Quality Systems
Benefits to organization
ISO 9000 Certification Process

Part 2 includes following topics in it;
Requirement of ISO 9000 and its applications for construction services
Customer - Supplier - Subcontractor Model
ISO 9002 Quality Standards, Following Clauses;
Management responsibility
Quality system
Contract review
Design control ( n.a)
Document and data control
Control of customer supplied products.
Product identification and tracability.
Process control.
Inspection and testing
Control of inspection,measuring and test equipment.
Inspection and test status.
Control of non confirming report
Corrective and preventive action
Control of quality records
Internal quality audits.
Statistical techniques

Presentation files are attached below.


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