Presentation on Types of waterproofing and how to do it

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
Presentation on Types of waterproofing and how to do it

This presentation will help you in understanding, types of waterproofing method's available for ensuring waterproof structures.

Waterproofing is most important activity and need to be supervised strictly, it lead to bad advertisement if structures start leaking or showing damp patch later when customers or house owner reside in it.

It make a more panic situation when leaking water spoils the finishes done at home.

There are many types of waterproofing for doing on internal and external faces of structures.
below are the some slides snapshot from presentation

Areas of Waterproofing
areas of waterproofing.png

types of waterproofing
types of waterproofing.png

Precaution to be taken for waterproofing
Precautions for waterproofing.png

In RCC for construction joints
Precautions for waterproofing RCC 1.png

Precautions for waterproofing RCC 2.png

RCC Surface Preparation

Precautions for waterproofing RCC 3.png

RCC Surface Finish

Precautions for waterproofing RCC 4.png

Service opening locations

Precautions for waterproofing RCC 5.png

Precautions during brickworks
Precautions for waterproofing Masonry.png

Precaution during plastering activity
Precautions for waterproofing Plaster.png

and there are many more things which you need to know about how to do waterproofing and what type at what location etc.

Detailed presentation on waterproofing is attached below, you can download it by clicking on it.