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Self Repairing Concrete - No Maintenance

Dnyan Deshmukh

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Sep 7, 2017
Hello to All,

I came across the new inventions which are going on in construction Industry.

Creating a concrete which repairs itself.

Concrete is porous material (porosity depends on mix design), so if not protected will start degrading over period of time.

To protect the concrete we generally plaster its surface or cover it with suitable materials as per our need.

Even after protection somehow, water enters into it and we see leakages, rusting etc. (This is a most dangerous situation which end user don't like)
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Today's Research is going on how to stop the concrete from getting deteriorated or stop the damages by making to heal by itself.

Its a good Business opportunity and it will become a practice in coming future to use self healing concrete.

What researchers are doing

Researchers are using specially selected types of the bacteria genus Bacillus, along with a calcium-based nutrient known as calcium lactate, and nitrogen and phosphorus, they are added into concrete during mixing process.

The life of bacteria's are up to 200 years and will be neutral in the life span.

When the concrete gets damage or water seep into it through cracks or pores. then bacteria's gets activated when it comes in contact with water and nutrients. the reaction of it turns them into limestone which seals the pores and cracks.

reaction happens every time, when water enters into concrete, means the structure never requires the maintenance (It saves lots of money on repair).

Then what is the problem for not using it

- As soon as it comes in contact with water, reaction gets initiated and the bacteria dies without giving results.
- To ensure the bacteria's are neutral in all initial reaction, some sort of coating (Water phobic) need to be done on it to ensure it wont take part in reaction when concrete is mixed, fresh and not hardened (This coating are same like admixtures we use in concrete to keep cement particle away from water, which result into more retention time for concrete in order to use it before it get set, retention time depend on type of admixture we use).
- Finding the right bacteria's.

Challenges to do such business.

- Cost incurred on coating the bacteria's ( If its costly then no one will use it, Researcher are finding way to coat it in most economical way).
- Do not guarantee that, bacteria's are alive inside and coating worked.

I hope you have got a basic idea on what i am trying to say.

This is a good business opportunity, if one can make a such concrete. It requires lot of efforts, research and trials to make it success.

So please spread the words and get involve in such researches , its a future of civil engineering.

NASA is currently trying to develop a cement on same funda, using microorganism with soil available at MARS to create a cement.