Answered WHAT IS REASON OF leak in slab,

Mr. Prakash, can you describe the situation you are dealing with? Do you have a picture of the condition to share? Providing context to a problem is necessary in order for solutions to be conceived, developed, weighed & optimized. Cheers!!
Please give me knowledge with solutions.
Slabs Leaks purpose following compound below

Water proofing compound - Fosroc, Sika, Pidilite, Cico, Impermo, BASF, Ardex Endura, Struco Excel . follow the manufacturing details guidelines. More Details Ref. IS Code. 2645. CPWD Specification VOL.2 Water proofing Sub Head 22.0 pag. No. 995.


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Leakage in RCC slabs reasons have mentioned based on my experiences at the site over a period of 30 years now :
  1. Inadequate compaction of the slab during casting
  2. Inadequate curing after casting of the slab.
  3. Cracks in the slab after casting which connect to capillaries/gel pores.
  4. Old structures due to aging and cracking.
  5. Leaking pipes embedded inside the slab.

Dnyan Deshmukh

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The leakage first starts with cracking in concrete or improper compaction which leaves pockets and honeycomb in the structure which are not visible.

Also leakage could occur from cutouts area which are placed in structure, the hanging shutter supporting batten which are resting on slab in case of sunk slab, if not remove and filled with concrete could also lead to leakage source.

Below articles could help you in eliminating shrinkage cracks.