1. rameshchandrapatel

    Unified DCR to be implemented in Maharashtra except Mumbai region

    The highlights of the Unified DCR prepared for Hon CM discussion are as under. It’s Applicable to all Municipal Corporations / councils & Regional Plans of Maharashtra except Mumbai , SPA ( special Planning Authorities ) like NAINA , MSRDC , Hill Station Councils , ESZ areas. Plinth...
  2. rameshchandrapatel

    Rate Analysis of MEP and Civil Works Items

    I have attached rate analaysis for your reference. Rate Analysis of Items excel sheet includes following; Mud Pumps Excavation Landscape and Civil Rates MS Wire Mesh Swimming pool finishing rates Ground + 7 Civil Rates Compound wall rates Hardscape BOQ Podium Painting rates Rock Anchoring BOQ...
  3. rameshchandrapatel

    Letter to Chief Minister regarding discrepancies in calculation of carpet area

    To, Dear Chief Minister, Maharashtra Dear Municipal Commissioner, Mumbai Dear MAHARERA Chief, Maharashtra Sub: CARPET AREA IN MUMBAI : Blunder or Biggest Scam..??? Carpet area is still mystery for every Mumbaikar. As per layman, if carpet is spread in their flat, that is total carpet area but...
  4. rameshchandrapatel

    Information on construction process of Underground Metro and Elevated Metro

    Dear Civil4M forum members, Currently, India's housing sector is in tethers. But on the other side India is investing heavily in urban rail transit system. So budding engineers need to get knowledge about the construction process of metro. Given below is the link of Detailed Project Report...
  5. rameshchandrapatel

    Concrete that traps CO₂ and actually makes it stronger

    Concrete is the most abundant man-made material in the world; it is the backbone of modern society. But cement, the critical ingredient that gives concrete its strength, is responsible for up to 7% of the world's carbon dioxide emissions. CarbonCure manufactures a bolt-on technology that...
  6. rameshchandrapatel

    Ideal method to fold drawings

    Correct way to fold an engineering or architectural A1 plan to A4 size.